Community Service

For over 30 years we have been of service to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in Miami Dade County.

  1. Founding Board member and Treasurer of SAVE DADE, now known as SAVE, volunteering in the passage of the  Miami Dade County Human Rights Ordinance banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation;
  2. Founding committee member serving two years in the Winter Party Committee, as Treasurer and fundraised for SAVE the first year and for the Dade Human Rights Foundation the second year;
  3. Served and helped to  organized “SPIRIT”, a spiritual group of Gay and Lesbian Catholics and non-Catholics denomination in Miami-Dade County to become socially accepted  in a spiritual community  and   acknowledged in a social and healthy environment;
  4. Served as  Founding Board and Past President of Communion Foundation, Inc., a non-profit local organization fundraising for local Miami LGBT organizations, including SAVE ;
  5. Served as President and Board member of the Suffolk University Law School student group named  (HALSAHispanic American Law Students Association from 1984 -1987 serving the Latino community in landlord/tenant cases and HIV/AIDS cases for people requiring legal services in the Boston area in housing and medical health needs;
  6. Founding member and organizer of Boston’s GRGRF, Gay Rights Grassroots Fund, a not for profit organization  to raise gay rights awareness and fundraising  for national organizations for the Lesbian and Gay Rights movement  including the organizations  that enacted the 1987 Second  March on Washington on October 11, 1987  and ACT UP;
  7. Serving as Board member of Pridelines, as Vice Chairman.
  8. Participated in the past five years as a cycle rider in THE SMART RIDE and team leader for Team SoBe Safe Riders and Team Prideliners raising thousands of dollars for direct services in local Florida AIDS organizations including Pridelines, and  riding hundreds of miles in other events in California and Hawaii AIDS benefit cycle rides.
  9. Served in committees  and volunteered   during  the initial  two years of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade festivities.